The Working Alliance

I’m thinking about the future-again, and reflecting on my interests when I was doing research for my dissertation.

At that time, and actually for most of my life, I have been intrigued with the idea of human connection: What does it mean to connect with another, how does loneliness work and can one overcome loneliness, can change actually take place through the interaction between humans? All these questions still interest me.

Yesterday in working with a couple I saw again an awareness dawn on them on how they could use the Holy Spirit to learn to love a family member who is living a lifestyle with which they disagree. The answer that they came up with was very scriptural, but they didn’t define it that way. They just decided as a couple to be loving to this person, no matter how they personally felt or were treated.

Their decision changed them whether it has an effect on the family member or not, but I expect to see transformation in the family also, perhaps in different ways, but in all ways more fulfilling.

I’m getting very excited about having more physical time to explore these interests and will continue to share these thoughts here.

How do you see human interaction changing people?
How does social media influence human interaction?
What will human interaction be like in 10 years?

What are your thoughts?


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