Writing in my own voice

I am reaching a new level in my life of transition and this will be obvious on the blog from now on. I realize that I have been writing in order to sell something or build something and this has not been genuine. I will be more vulnerable from this point on and sharing more about my process of writing and of becoming my own person in my writing. I am learning to write like I talk, without prescreening how it will sound to others. I mean, after all this is my blog. I have another blog for business, so why the pressure to make every article a publishable article?

I think the pressure has been “what would people think?” and I have struggled with this pressure most of my life. I am at the stage in my development however that I am focusing on what is true and right about me more so than on what others think must be right and true about me. Perhaps a better way to describe this is openness. I choose to be me and trust that the right readers will resonate with my writing and together we can grow as individuals and a community that supports each other in personal growth and being able to communicate our thoughts through writing.

All this to say: expect a different style of blogging from this point on. I may rant, or I may share or I may teach, depending on what is real and current. I feel freer in this process and what you hear will be my authentic voice.

Thanks for reading.


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