Keeping my Goals

I’m making sure that I’m on track with one of the goals I’ve set for this fall. I am working on being consistent with soul-training, that is making sure that I am exercising my entire being for connection with God. One of these goals is to write daily on this blog, or perhaps on one of the others.

I’m accomplishing this right now. The content that I have to share is that I’ve made connection with 5 people this morning at some level of conversation that was life-giving. One was my sponsor, who I meet with every Tuesday morning, but on the way to meet with him I ran into 4 other people who have influence on my life in positive ways. All these encounters provide guidance that I am on the right track and they give me added strength for the actual tasks that I have today.

I am joyful that I have blogged today. I’m even more joyful that I am part of a world-wide body that will never leave me alone.


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