How to Take a Time Out (Part 2)

Once the need for a time out is recognized, the next step is to politely request to disengage. “I’m really feeling upset right now and if we continue, I might lose my temper. Please allow me to take twenty minutes to cool off and collect my thoughts.”

Along with the request to have a time out should be a set time to re-engage.  I suggest that a person make it easy on him or herself.  Do you need 5 minutes, 15 or an hour?  You decide, but be sure to inform your partner that after the time-out you are willing to re-engage.

One last suggestion for today:  Remember to be assertive and call the time-out for yourself.  It is rarely helpful to tell the other person that they need a time out.  And again, remember to suggest a time to resume the conversation.

I’ll continue the discussion in tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for reading and feel free to add any comments.


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