Self-Care: Living on the Growing Edge

In this final post on the topic of self-care, I have a few thoughts.  The real goal in working with others is to be helpful to them and assist them to grow.  It is imperative in that regard to be growing ourselves.

Often we do our best work in areas where we have been broken.  The process of self-care for the caregiver is to allow the broken edge to become a growing edge.

  • Recovery is a spiritual journey from overcoming the losses, hindrances, and problems that we suffer, to becoming the person we were created to be: spiritual healing begins with the recovery of hope.
  • Hope emerges when the broken edge of life becomes the growing edge of faith: growth begins with openness to the Spirit as the source of change.
  • Empowerment for change and growth comes from the liberating Spirit of Christ experienced in a community of faith: community is where each one cares for the other.
  • Self-care is a gift of grace experienced as an interchange of faith and love among the members of the body of Christ: we never give up for God’s grace is never finished.
I welcome your comments on the topic of self-care.

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