Conflict Resolution Skill #7: Choose One Solution to Try.

At this stage of conflict resolution we are ready to act.  This will involve choosing a new way of approaching the conflict based on the process covered so far.  We discussed making a prioritized list of possible solutions.  Skill Seven requires action based on this list.

In yesterday’s example the solution chosen to help resolve the conflict of how to discipline children was to “work together to develop our plan”. As this solution is chosen the next action step would be for each individual to begin to share their perspective with each other.

I would invite this couple to set another appointment with each other and talk about their ideal plan for discipline.  It may require another conflict resolution discussion, this time based solely on understanding each other’s differences.  As these differences, or similarities are shared a more common form of discipline will emerge in the brainstorming time.

As this process develops, most couples discover the joy that comes from working together.  I’ve found that the conflict resolution process is the relational part of the relationship that was missing, and a new level of connectedness is reached by faithfully following this process.

We’ll take the next step in tomorrow’s post.


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