How To Relieve Stress! (Part 2)

I’m taking some time this month to address stress and how to avoid or overcome the stress that occurs during the holidays.  For most people the events have already begun and the planning for others are well underway.  Parties and celebrations are wonderful and are an important part of life.  Unfortunately we have gone overboard to the point of exhaustion.  What is a modern person to do?

One issue to be overcome is fear.  If I don’t participate in all of the activity what will people think?  Will they think that I am antisocial or mad at someone?  Is it alright to just be tired and need to rest?

Being overly concerned with what others think is a setup for stress, simply because we have no control over others.  The best I can do is influence others, but they still retain the ability to choose for themselves.  People will think what they choose to think.  We can operate under the same skill.

How to relieve stress for today: Choose to do what you want to do.  Trust that the people who love you will support your decisions, and the people who do not support your decisions do not really love you.

Experiment with choosing to make your wishes a priority in a few ways at first, and see what happens. I think you will see that most of the fear has been in your mind, and this can be overcome by being proactive.

I’ll share more in tomorrow’s post.

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