Conflict Resolution Wrapup

If you only gain one insight from this discussion on conflict resolution I trust that you will grasp the joy that comes from sharing your perspective with another.  The sharing of differing points of view may be frustrating at times, but the potential for growth through the joining of ideas is well worth the effort of working with and through frustration.

A second insight I would wish for you is that all sharing must be polite and respectful.  This can be difficult when an idea is passionate, but the foundation of respect helps the joining process.  I practice daily by reminding myself how much I love Beth and desire to know her.  True understanding of my spouse includes respecting her point of view.  I ask that you practice being polite and respectful of each other as well. Oh, and tell them so!

Enjoy being conflicted!  Accept the reality of conflict with polite respect. Join with your partner then by assertively sharing your differences.  As the different points of view are joined, politely and respectfully, the outcome is creativity.  New ways to solve problems.  The process of solving problems in loving, creative ways is the essence of marriage!

Please leave any comments.  I will respond to your questions.


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